The Rosebush Theory released their debut album, Oh Thou Art Guardian Satellite in 2014, and are currently hard at work recording and producing their follow-up release.

Copies of Oh Thou Art Guardian Satellite as well as other Rosebush Theory merchandise are available for purchase at our Live Shows.


Rosebush Theory covering “Paint it Black” at Sideline’s Sports Bar

Rosebush Theory covering “I Can’t Quit You” at Sideline’s Sports Bar.

Here is a quick demo compilation of The Rosebush Theory playing some cover tunes live. Songs include “Paint it Black’, “Big Me”, “People Are Strange”, “The Man Who Sold The World” and “The House of the Rising Sun”.

 Here is the result of our latest trip to Unity Gain Studio. “Warm Happy Home”.

Here’s a Video of one of Rosebush Theory’s originals, “Tear Away”, a song that will be featured on our next album. Enjoy!